JATA旅博2013 JATA Tabihaku 2013


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From September 12 to the 15th, the festival “旅博” of the trip is held at the Tokyo big site.
This show ages 1977, is started and serves as an event which is proud of the greatest scale in Asia at the present.
It will aim not only at traveling abroad but at activation of domestic and the travel market include a visit-to-Japan travel in 2013 this year, In the show which sends a new trip style, an “international tourism forum”, an “international business talk meeting” which consider development of travel industry, etc., holding, 154 nations, and 730 companies display, and PR of tourist draw information, a sample, or a sample are performed.
From this year, a trip Hiroshi place is prepared, the Taiwan company also displays besides a Japanese company, and sale of travel goods is performed.
130,000 visitors are trusted this year.